Newsman plugin for Magento. Sync your Magento customers / subscribers to Newsman list / segments.
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Newsman module for Magento. Sync your Magento customers / subscribers to Newsman list / segments.

This is the easiest way to connect your Shop with Newsman. Generate an API KEY in your Newsman account, install this plugin and you will be able to sync your shop customers and newsletter subscribers with Newsman list / segments. Installation

Manual installation:

  1. Copy the "app/code/community/Newsman" directory from this repository to your "community" shop directory.

  2. Copy the "lib/Newsman" directory to your "lib/" shop directory.

  3. Copy the "app/design/adminhtml/default/default/template/newsman" to your "app/design/adminhtml/default/default/template/" shop directory.

  4. Copy the "app/etc/modules/Newsman_Newsletter.xml" to your "app/etc/modules/" shop directory.

  5. Copy the content of the "app/locale" directory to the same location in your application.

Magento Connect installation:

In your Magento admin panel, go to System > Magento Connect > Magento Connect Manager and follow the usual installation flow. For Direct package file upload use Newsman-3.0.1.tgz.


  1. Go to System > Configuration > Newsman > Newsletter Subscriber Import > General Settings > Enable and enable the module. Fill in your Newsman API KEY and User ID and click the save button.

General Settings

  1. After the Newsman API KEY and User ID are set, you can choose a list.

  2. Choose destination segments for your newsletter subscribers and customer groups. This configuration is optional and if it's not set all the customers and subscribers will be imported without being assigned to a segment. For the segments to show up in this form, you need to set them up in your Newsman account first.

Data Mapping

  1. Choose how often you want your lists to get uploaded to Newsman You can also do a manual synchronization by clicking "Manual Sync".

Synchronization Schedule

  1. For the automatic synchronization to work, you need to have Magento's built-in cron job functionality enabled.

  2. You have the option to send all Magento's transactional emails via Newsman's SMTP server. The server requires authentication, so here's how to set it up: Mail Sending Settings

  3. Gain more subscribers with our newsletter popup.

    Newsletter Popup

The feature allows you to:

  • enable or disable the feature at any moment
  • the content of the feature is set by default in the Newsman Newsletter Popup CMS static block; choose or change the design entirely by selecting / creating another CMS static block;
    Newsletter CMS static block
  • set the number of seconds that need to pass before the popup is shown
  • set the number of days from the first display of the popup until the next one.

Newsletter Popup Settings

8.Our module is connected to Newsman's notification system for event types like bounces, spam or unsubscriptions. When the event is triggered, Newsman will do a POST and sent the information at