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Advanced Kill Assists

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Advanced Kill Assists

AMX Mod X plugin for Counter-Strike.

Displays assists for kills in the kill list, without changing the client settings. There is a setting for the monetary reward that the player can get for helping in the kill; switch for issuing frags for an assist; selection of an algorithm for counting assistants.

To integrate with AES, you need to compile the plugin with the present in the include folder. You do not need to edit anything in the plugin.


  • aka_algorithm "1" Algorithm for determining assistants in the assassination. The default is ADVANCED (1).
//		CSSTATSX — Equivalent to CSstatsX.
//		ADVANCED is an improved and fairer formula that chooses from a number of other assistants who has dealt the most damage victim and whose percentage of damage from the total damage from all is at least DAMAGE_FOR_ASSIST percent.
  • aka_frag "1" If the value is positive, the player who assisted in the kill will be credited with a frag.
  • aka_money "100" How much money to pay to the assisted player. Payment will be made only if the specified value is greater than zero.
  • aka_damage "30.0" Universal damage value. Its value is determined by the aka_algorithm.
  • aka_exp "0" How much AES experience to give to the assisted player. How much AES experience to give to a player who assisted in a kill. The output will only occur if a value greater than zero is specified.
  • aka_chatmessage "1" Display a chat message to the player who assisted in the kill. The message template is contained in data/lang/next21_kill_assist.txt. Special inserts supported:
//		[award]  — Money kill reward equal to aka_money. Output without the '$' character.
//		[exp]    — Experience kill reward equal to aka_exp. Only works with AES.
//		[killer] — Killer player nickname.
//		[victim] — Victim player nickname.
//    The [exp] value only works with aka_exp > 0 and AES activated, and the [award] value only works with aka_money > 0.
//    Otherwise, an empty value will be displayed.




  • Nestle_ for the stock to change the nicknames of the players
  • PRoSToC0der for potential bugs found
  • 8dp for help in developing an algorithm for reducing nicknames with floating sizes
  • Garey for investigating and identifying the cause of the crash POV demo
  • ReHLDS Team for Invisible Spectator plugin