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Release Notes

Version 1.3.0

This version adds Elasticsearch 2.x support to Neon. Because of the way the Elasticsearch Java API works, Elasticsearch 1.x and 2.x support can not be compiled into the same build. By default, Neon builds with support for Elasticsearch 2.x, but that can be changed by setting the Gradle property useElasticsearch1 to true.

This version also adds a property service that can be used by client applications for simple key-value storage. The property service can be configured to use Derby (the default), Elasticsearch, or MongoDB to store the data, allowing client applications to store data without being tied to a specific database.

Finally, this version brings improvements for third party developers, including TypeScript definitions.

Version 1.2.0

Completes some of the functionality began in v1.1.5, updates a number of development tools and dependencies, corrects various minor visualization issues, and includes a major refactoring of Neon-GTD. Additionally, the neon-gtd-dev-1.2.1.war includes sample OWF widgets created from the Neon-GTD visualizations.

  • Neon Enhancements
    • Improved handling of various Elasticsearch queries
    • Removal of any requirements on Elasticsearch to have groovy scripting enabled
    • Removal of Scala and Gatling dependencies from Neon core. These existed to support a set of performance tests. These tests have been deprecated and replace by a more realistic performance scenario at
  • Neon-GTD Enhancements:
    • Refactored application directory structure to use a more robust component-based layout vs. a file-type layout
    • Fixed numerous minor issues with visualization options
    • Various visualization directives have been collapsed into a single-layer or multi-layer directive which use custom controllers to handle query management and rendering options. Thus, there's is a controller for each previous visualization directive.
  • OWF Widgets
    • neon-gtd-dev-1.2.0.war includes OWF widgets built for the DI2E Plugfest that demonstrate the use of Neon in OWF
    • Widgets pull their default data bindings from the same config.yaml or config.json file used by the stand-alone Neon-GTD using the current OWF dashboard name
    • Once rendered, any changes to widget bindings are stored as OWF Preferences to persist across OWF sessions
    • A "clear filters on load" widget is included and should be added to any OWF dashboards to prevent one dashboard from interfering with filters on another

Version 1.1.5

New widgets, linking to outside applications, performance improvements, ElasticSearch support, and more.

  • ElasticSearch support! In addition to MongoDB and SparkSQL, Neon can access ElasticSearch indexes
  • Themes: Change the color scheme between light and dark backgrounds. Changing the CSS will allow more colors.
  • New Widgets:
    • Scatter plot
    • GANTT Chart
    • News Feed
  • Widget Improvements:
    • Swapped out data table library, now using ag-grid
  • Expanded config.json, allowing user to set more options. Now allowing config.yaml.
  • Data Import capability to MongoDB, if configured in config.json
  • Linking: When enabled, widgets allow the linking of Tweets, URLs, and mentions.
  • Several widgets allow translation, including news feeds and tag clouds
  • Remove filters through the navbar
  • Improved graph capability, showing development of the graph over time, clustering in the graph, and hiding small links
  • Caching service for MongoDB, enabled by setting the number of queries to cache in neon/WEB-INF/classes/cache.ccf to > 0
  • Admin page, at neon/admin.html, allowing admin to clear the MongoDB cache or get statistics about it

Version 1.1.0

Major increase in functionality of widgets, new widgets, and configurability.

  • All configuration data is put into neon-gtd/app/config/config.json. An example file is in sample.config.json
    • Multiple datasets can be set, each with their own layout. One of them can be loaded automatically.
    • Configurable names for widgets
  • Filters are controlled centrally, using named filters, and the ability to view them in the navbar
  • Export of data to Excel or CSV format
  • New widgets:
    • Filter builder, for arbitrary boolean queries
    • Data table
    • Graph
  • Widget improvements:
    • Added configurable maximum number of points returned for most, so not to exceed memory
    • Timeline: Year and month granularity, a focus timeline, animation (allowing play of all data over time)
    • Map: new cluster and node (graph) capabilities, improved configuration, including new layers on the fly
    • Linechart: selectable time range, connected to the timeline
  • Error handling and reporting improved, adding to output in the dashboard if configured

Version 1.0

Initial release of Neon and Neon GeoTemporal Dashboard. Major features:

  • Multiple widget types: Timeline, Map, Linechart, Barchart, OpsClock, TagCloud, CountBy, Sunburst
  • Movable widgets, using gridster, and dynamic adding and removing of widgets
  • Widget layout controlled in neonDemoController.js, database connections in databaseConfig.js
  • Map has points and heatmap layers
  • Support for connections to MongoDB and Spark SQL
  • Custom connections can be created to multiple databases
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