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Twitter and Identica client using curses
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Tyrs is a twitter and client using curses that is easily configurable.


  • and Twitter support
  • Oauth authentication
  • Proxy support
  • utf-8 support, 256 Colors, transparency
  • Mentions, Direct messages, Favorites, User and Search timelines
  • Follow/Unfollow
  • Display thread view of replies
  •, and support
  • Filter system
  • Configuration file allows for lots of customization
  • Auto-Completion with nicks


or with python-pip tools:

sudo pip install tyrs

Dependecies that should be install automatically:

  • python-twitter, python-oauth2, python-argparse Requires: python-setuptools

    git clone git:// cd tyrs python build sudo python install

check the installation guide for more information.


GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENCE (GPL) Check doc/LICENCE for the full licence text.


Nicolas Paris

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