Insert Pokémon fom Generation 2 (Gold, Silver, Crystal) to 1st Generation (Red, Blue) Pokémon Roms
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Insert Pokémon fom Generation 2 (Gold, Silver, Crystal) to 1st Generation (Red, Blue) Pokémon Roms. Based on Danny-E's version of pret's pokered disassembly. The program is written in python 2.

  1. Convert base stats (and additional data) of 2nd generation Pokémon to 1st generation format.
  2. Insert front & back sprites (pictures of the monsters)
  3. Choose color scheme of Pokémon from predefined palettes or determine colors from the picture file.
Getting started
  1. Follow all the steps to assemble (i.e. making a rom file) Pokemon Red/Blue from the pokemon disassembly (I'm using pokered-gen-II by Danny-E and parts of pokecrystal). For Windows there's a video tutorial on Youtube.

  2. You need to clone three repositories: This one, Danny-E's pokered-gen-II, and pret's pokecrystal to your computer by entering the following in your commandline (e.g. Cygwin on Windows; enter linwise, press enter and wait, repeat with the following lines).

     git clone
     git clone
     git clone

    These directories should have been created in your home directory:

  3. Test it by assembling red and/or blue version. Example in Cygwin:

     cd C:\<path>\pokered-gen-II
     make red        #or
     make blue       #or just
     make            #for both roms
  4. As my program is written in python, you need to have a python interpreter installed on your system. On Windows you're doing this during the installation of Cygwin/Cygwin64. However I have another installed as I faced problems when using os features and when trying to install the pack numpy. If you are facing similar problems or don't have a python interpreter yet. I reccomend Anaconda, which is available for all platforms for free.

  5. Go to '/Gen1Inserter/resources/pic/' and copy the folders 'gmon' and 'gmonback' to '/pokered-gen-II/pic/'.

Running the program

Run the commandline program of your choice - I simply use CMD - and run ''.

    cd C:\<path>\Gen1Inserter\resources\    #your path

Then do what you are asked to. I recommend to use it "as delivered" once and then have a look at 'config.txt' located in '/resources/'. There you can set some options to customize the program to your own needs.

Bugs/missing features
  • error handling 'multi branch evolution' data (e.g. Tyrogue)
  • cry data is random
  • tm/hm and level learnsets not yet implemented
  • pokedex_entries not yet written/converted and included