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🖼️📷 Unity-Native-Sharing 📷🖼️

Unity-Native-Sharing is a plugin to open native sharing dialogs on iOS and Android.

📱 Social 📱

GitHub Twitter

👊 Support 👊

All of these projects are made during my free time, with more being added over time. If you'd like to support me, you can do it either by sponsoring me on GitHub or by donating via PayPal

📝 Changelog 📝

What's New? Check the CHANGELOG

Watch this repository to be notified of new releases!

🤝 Contribution 🤝

For contributing please read

Don't worry about getting it 100% right, I can tidy it up as I review

🖥️ System Requirements 🖥️

Unity 2018.3.14f1 or later. Older versions may work, feel free to test!

🤔 Examples 🤔

Examples can be found at Unity-Native-Example-Project

🛠️ Installation 🛠️

Unity 2019.3 or later (Using Unity Package Manager)


Unity 2018.3 or later (Using Unity Package Manager)

Add this to the projects manifest.json

"com.unitynative.sharing" : ""

To update the package, change suffix #{version} to the target version.

  • e.g. "com.unitynative.sharing" : ""

Unity 2018.3 or later (Using OpenUPM)


This package is available on OpenUPM

You can install it via openupm-cli

openupm add com.unitynative.sharing

Unity 2018.2

Unity 2018.2 supports embedded packages.

  1. Download a source code zip file from the Releases page
  2. Extract it
  3. Import it under the Packages directory in your Unity project

👍 Features 👍

  • Share text to an app
  • Share screenshots with text to an app

🧪 Testing 🧪

-- Android 8.0.0 iOS 10.3.3 iOS 11.3.1
Facebook No Text No Text No Text
Messenger No Text No Text No Text
Instagram No Text No Text No Text

😭 Known Issues 😭

Facebook, Messenger and Instagram cannot share text at all, unless passed into their SDK

📱 Platform Notes 📱

🤖 Android 🤖

The Android plugin requires androidx.appcompat:appcompat:1.1.0 to run.

This plugin has support for Play Services Resolver for Unity which will take care of this for you

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