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This is an app built on electron, which uses web technologies on top of nodejs. It runs @Apostolique bot.


A few step are required to run this app.

Firstly, clone this repo with git clone, or download it with the "Download as zip" button

Currently, I couldn't find a way to pack everything in one file, so help is welcome.

Howerver, you only have to launch one file :

  • On Windows :
    • Double click on start.bat
    • Inside the app directory, run the command start.bat
  • On Mac OSX (To be confirmed) and Linux :
    • Double click on
    • Inside the app directory, run the command : ./

Advanced Installation

This is if you want to contribute or if you like to understand anything.

  • On Windows, Linux, and Mac OSX:
    • Install nodejs

    • Then, in a comand prompt, run :

        npm install express
        npm install -g electron
        electron path_to_app_directory


  • Thanks to Apostolique for the bot creation and for testing on windows.
  • Thanks to Designmodo for the open-source Flat-UI CSS/JS theme.


If you are having issues, please refer to this section before posting an issue

  • 'electron' was not recognized as internal command'

    Make sure to select the right version! (electron-v* or electron-v*

    Then extract it somewhere, and add the path to your %PATH% environment variable.

  • Error: Cannot find module 'express'

    • In a terminal/command prompt, go to the app directory, then run npm install.

    If this does not fix it, run npm install express