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Arduino HID Project

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This project went through a lot of phases and has now reached a new Arduino USB-Core Library with a lot of new functions like extended HID. It also supports HoodLoader2 (version 1 is no longer supported). The idea is to enable enhanced USB functions to almost all 'standard' Arduino boards.

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Supported Arduinos (IDE 1.6.7 or higher!):

  • Uno (with HoodLoader2)
  • Mega (with HoodLoader2)
  • Leonardo
  • (Pro)Micro
  • Any other 8u2/16u2/at90usb8/162/32u2/32u4 compatible board
  • Zero
  • MKR1000
  • Any other Samd21 compatible board
  • No ATSAM3 support (Due, etc)

Supported HID devices:

  • Keyboard with Leds out (8 modifiers + 6 keys pressed at the same time, + 1 limited linux consumer key)
  • Teensy Keyboard with different keyboard layouts (german, french and many more) soon
  • NKRO Keyboard with Leds out (press up to 113 keys at the same time)
  • Mouse (5 buttons, move, wheel)
  • BootKeyboard/BootMouse BIOS protocol support
  • Absolute Mouse
  • Consumer/Media Keys (4 keys for music player, web browser and more)
  • System Key (for PC standby/shutdown)
  • Gamepad (32 buttons, 4 16bit axis, 2 8bit axis, 2 D-Pads)
  • RawHID
  • SurfaceDial
  • Each device is available as single or multi report device (except RawHID)

See the wiki for more information about features etc.


All documentation moved to the wiki page.


If you have any questions, please ask at the Github Discussions Page.