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JavaScript Awesome Development Environment (in Emacs)

Jade connects to a browser tab or nodejs process and provides many features for JavaScript development, including:

  • a REPL (with auto completion) & object inspection;
  • an inspector, with history and navigation;
  • a scratch buffer (M-x jade-scratch);
  • JavaScript evaluation in JS buffers with jade-interaction-mode;
  • a stepping Debugger, similar to edebug, or cider.


The REPL with company-mode


The REPL showing clickable output


The inspector


The stepping debugger, and an inspector on locals


Getting started

(Emacs 25 is required)

It's available on melpa:

M-x package-install jade

Connection to a chrom[e|ium] tab

Chrom[e|ium] >= 54.0 is required for Jade to properly work (debugging protocol v1.2).

Start chrom[e|ium] with the --remote-debugging-port flag:

chromium --remote-debugging-port=9222

Evaluate M-x jade-connect-to-chrome.

Connection to a nodejs process

Nodejs >= 6.9.1 is required for Jade to work.

Start a node process with the --inspect flag:

node --inspect myfile.js

Evaluate M-x jade-connect-to-nodejs.

If you wish to break on the first line of the application code, start node using:

node --inspect --debug-brk myfile.js

Connecting Jade to the node process will open a debugger on the first line of the application code.

JavaScript evaluation in JS buffers

Add the following to enable evaluation in all JS buffers:

(add-hook 'js2-mode-hook #'jade-interaction-mode)

Then C-x C-e will evaluate the node before the point, and C-c M-i will inspect the result.

The entire buffer can also be executed with jade-eval-buffer.

Missing features

Jade is young, here's a list of missing/wanted features

  • Code evaluation using C-x C-e from project JS buffers
  • Adding breakpoints (to remove the need for debugger statements)
  • Network inspector (could get inspiration from restclient.el)
  • DOM inspector
  • Start processes (chromium, node, grunt, gulp, etc.) from Emacs and attach a jade connection to it.


There is currently support for Chrom[e|ium], & nodejs. The firefox backend is currently missing.