Cheating with stockfish engine for lichess. Works on Windows, Linux and Mac.
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Huge Update

Currently I am developing a proxy based cheat. My first attempt was to cheat by injecting some javascript into a running lichess session with the browser console (inspect this element). But lichess adminstrators have proofed that it is too easy to prevent such attempts to cheat, because they control the browsers javascript.

Different approach

Now I follow a different approach. I am using the pretty nice proxy implemented in Python ( to modify and filter all WebSocke and HTTP traffic that belongs to lichess. Therefore we have different ways of attack:

  • Inject engine moves into websocket message frames. A typical websocket frame that is sent when making a move with the UI looks like this:
WebSocket Frame: fin = 1, opcode = TEXT_FRAME, mask = 1, maskign_key: �0D�, payload_length = 182, 
payload = {"t":"move","d":{"from":"d7","to":"d5","b":1,"lag":43}}
  • Another idea is to inject some javascript into lichess HTTP Response that delivers the big.js or round.js javascript to the browser. At the same time I start calulating the engine move as soon as the opponent move was sent by the server. Then the injected javascript shows the move in the browser session. Optionally, the move is automatically made by the JS, to create a automatic cheat.
  • The basic algorithm for this is as follows: ..1. When ..2. The proxy detects which color we are playing and starts calculating the next move as soon as our network card receives it.
  • When lichess admins try to prevent this with some cheat detection javascript functionality, we will just delete the malicious javascript before it enters the browser.
  • other ideas (probably more elegant)

What do we learn from this?

We control the client and all code that is sent to the browser. Maybe lichess admins think now about using SSL? This will make things harder for me, but won't stop me at all, because I can just create a proxy with SSL support.

Old Cheat, don't read this! (for historical reasons)

Always use the newest javascript cheat version! This means the one with the highest number at the end!

Just paste the javascript in you browser console after running the python file on your localhost.

Cheaters will get detected pretty soon because of Edit: No detecion of cheating anymore...