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TensorFlow (1.4.0) Image Classifier Gradle Standalone Port

  • Clone the project, and checkout the tag 1.4.0
  • Import it on Android Studio
  • Run it
  • That's all.

This project is a way to get started with TensorFlow Image Classifier quickly.

I am not planning to maintain it. If you need an updated version, build it yourself using hints from this blog post.

Native libraries

Native compiled libraries are embedded in the 1.4.0 tag, so you won't need to install the NDK.
However, this means that you cannot change the org.tensorflow.demo.env.ImageUtils class.
Here's what you need to do if you want, for example, to use a different package name:

  • Install the NDK and build tools
  • Checkout the 1.4.0-cmake tag
  • Modify line 7 of the app/src/main/cpp/imageutils_jni.cpp file to specify your new package name
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