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Because of a security problem in previous Nilu network, core development team decided on running a new fresh chain. All further development will based on this new chain. Use these files according to your platform to connect to Nilu network.


@mariameda mariameda released this Apr 12, 2018 · 911 commits to master since this release

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ٔImportant Note
Don't use this release files anymore, because Nilu has been relaunched with different genesis and boot nodes

This is the first public release of Nilu.

Nilu is a blockchain-based platform with a wide range of applications. Besides providing a cryptocurrency platform, it can also be used to create tokens (ERC20) and deploying DAPPs (Decentralized Applications). Its infrastructure is the same as Ethereum therefore it inherits Ethereum’s features and potential usages. Nilu’s core development team is primarily focused on facilitating blockchain usages for a broad range of potential users from all walks of life. Nilu is not susceptible to pre-mining due to its philosophy and lack of a predominant co-founder group or major shareholder that can potentially create a monopoly over the currency and the ecosystem. Simply by mining, buying Nilu coins or developing Nilu-based DAPPs one can become a member of Nilu comunity.