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A flexible and extensible front-end library of a programming language compiler.
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VBF is a set of tools/libraries for compilers. It has seperated libraries for scanners and parsers. One can easily use one component as well as use them all together.

How to build:

  1. Install Visual Studio 2015 with .Net Framework 4.5
  2. Open Options dialog, go to "Package Manager" and then check "Allow NuGet to download missing packages during build"
  3. Open Project VBF/src/Compilers/Compilers.sln
  4. Build
  5. Binaries will be placed in VBF/bin folder
  6. Note that by default, all the binaries are delay signed. You can either disable code signing or use 'sn -Vr' command to bypass assembly validation and then test the binaries.


  • VBF.Compilers.Common

    Provides source file reader, compilation error manager, etc

  • VBF.Compilers.Scanners

    Provides DFA based scanner builder using regular expressions. There're multiple types of scanners to choose: a standard Scanner, a PeekableScanner with the capability to peek n tokens, a ForkableScanner that can fork to multiple scanner heads.

  • VBF.Compilers.Parsers

    Provides powerful GLR based, auto error recovery parser generator. To start, inherit ParserBase class and build your own parser. It is recommended for most parsers.

  • VBF.Compilers.Parsers.Combinators

    Similar to Compilers.Parsers but it's an GLL based parser combinator library. The grammar supported by this library is relatively less powerfull compared to VBF.Compilers.Parsers, and it also parses slower. It is mainly used to study LL grammars.


  • MiniSharp: VBF\src\Samples\MiniSharp

    MiniSharp is a fully functional compiler of a very small subset of C# language. It contains parsers and scanners built with VBF and an MSIL code generator.

    It is a good sample for programming language and DSL authors.

  • For additional sample, please refer to NotBasic project:


All components and samples of this software are distributed under Apache License 2.0 You can find a copy of license under the root directory

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