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The niord project contains the common code-base for the NW + NM T&P editing and publishing system.


  • Java 8
  • Maven 3
  • MySQL 5.7.10+ (NB: proper spatial support is a requirement)
  • JBoss Wildfly 10+
  • JBoss Keycloak 1.9+

The niord-appsrv project contains scripts for installing and configuring Wildfly + Keycloak for a development set-up.


Once Wildfly has been set up and configured,

Country-specific Implementations

Country-specific implementations of the Niord system are easily created using a web-application overlay project. Here additional code can be added and web resources (images, stylesheets, javascript files, etc) can be replaced with custom versions.

For an example, please refer to niord-dk - a Danish implementation of Niord.

Public API

A swagger definition of the public portion of the Rest API is published at

The swagger definition is generated from the jersey annotated methods in and


Sensitive or environment-specific settings should be placed in a "${niord.home}/niord.json" file. Example:

    "key"         : "baseUri",
    "description" : "The base application server URI",
    "value"       : "",
    "web"         : false,
    "editable"    : true
    "key"         : "wmsLogin",
    "description" : "The WMS login",
    "value"       : "YOUR-SECRET-WMS-LOGIN",
    "web"         : false,
    "editable"    : true
    "key"         : "wmsPassword",
    "description" : "The WMS password",
    "value"       : "YOUR-SECRET-WMS-PASSWORD",
    "type"        : "Password",
    "web"         : false,
    "editable"    : true

Tips and Tricks

IntelliJ set-up:

  • First, check out and open the parent niord project in IntelliJ.
  • In Run -> Edit configuration..., configure a new local JBoss server based on the niord-appsrv project.
  • Deploy "niord-web:war exploded" to the server.
  • If working on a country-specific Niord implementation, e.g. niord-dk, import this maven project via the "Maven Projects" tab. Deploy the imported project to Wildfly instead of "niord-web".
  • If you have only updated web resources, there is no need to re-deploy the web application. Use the "Update resources" function instead.
  • To get rid of superfluous IntelliJ code editor warnings, disable the "Declaration access can be weaker" and "Dangling Javadoc comment" inspections.
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