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Bug and Feature Request Tracker for Nitrux

How to report a Bug

Nitrux uses GitHub to keep track of bugs and their fixes.

Determine if the bug is a bug

You should not file a bug if you are:

  1. Requesting new software.
  2. When discussing features and existing policies and proposing features or ideas. For such circumstances, please add a feature request.
  3. When filing a bug against software not provided by Nitrux.

Submitting a bug report

Before submitting a bug, you should look at the existing bug reports and known issues to verify the bug hasn't been reported already. You should file a new bug report if the bug has not been reported.

You must specify three things:

  1. What do you expect to happen?
  2. What happened?
  3. If possible, a minimal series of steps is necessary to make it happen, where level 1 is "start the program."

Additional information about the bug

Some extra options you can use to make your bug report more complete:

This bug is a security vulnerability: Please check this only if your bug report describes behavior that a malicious actor could exploit to compromise your security or safety and cause issues such as identity theft or "hi-jacking." Include an attachment: Add supporting attachments to explain or help others reproduce the bug. An attachment might include a screenshot, a video capture of the problem, or a sample document that triggers the fault.

How to make a Feature Request

Nitrux uses GitHub to keep track of feature requests.

Submitting a bug report

Before submitting a feature request, you should look at the existing feature requests and release announcements to verify the feature hasn't been requested already. You should file a new feature request if the feature has not been requested.

How do I write a reasonable feature request?

  1. A feature request should be specific.
  2. Include images that would make the request tangible.
  3. Reference factual content in support of your request.

What should I not do?

  1. Avoid being vague about the benefits (or possible drawbacks).
  2. Don't leave the specifics up to the community. While this is your feature request, it should clearly outline the scope of the request. Unclear requests may be subject to closure as being too broad or unclear.
  3. Avoid emotional discussions or motivations.
  4. Don't ask for the moon; be realistic.
  5. When filing a feature request against software not provided by Nitrux.

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