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Welcome to the wiki! This page will explain everything that you need to know about NoCheatPlus.

NoCheatPlus is a Bukkit (CraftBukkit/Spigot) plugin meant to protect your server from various kinds of cheating. A wide area of cheats is covered, such as player and vehicle moving, interaction, block breaking and placing, fighting, chat and other types of areas including client behavior that might crash the server.

The approach taken with NoCheatPlus is to focus on providing lasting protection, rather than detecting the 'latest cheats' with methods that are going to be bypassed the next moment. Have a look at the Fundamentals page for more details on that approach.

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To get started follow those instructions: Getting Started

Quickly find the appropriate build for a version of Minecraft: Notable Builds

Report an issue, or request support: Issues

Download and further project links:

If you prefer a full text search for any GitHub wiki, have a look at: Github Wiki Search

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