adds role markers to avatars and usernames
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Question2Answer Role Markers v 0.1


This is a plugin for Question2Answer that adds markers for special roles.


  • add image overlay to avatars for admin, mod, editor, and experts
  • add text label before name in user_meta and users list
  • specify type of post to add to
  • hover text shows role
  • css customizable via admin/plugins


  1. Install Question2Answer
  2. Get the source code for this plugin from github, either using git, or downloading directly:
    • To download using git, install git and then type git clone git:// role-markers at the command prompt (on Linux, Windows is a bit different)
    • To download directly, go to the project page and click Download
  3. Go to Admin -> Plugins on your q2a install and edit the settings to your liking.


This is alpha code. It may not work exactly as expected. Refunds will not be given. If it breaks, you get to keep both parts.


All code herein is Copylefted.

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