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Comfortable development on NodeBB plugins, themes, etc.
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NodeBB Grunt

License Dependency Status optionalDependencies Status Version 2.0.0

This Grunt-Setup simplifies the creation and development workflow on NodeBB plugins, themes and widgets (further called modules).


  • Interactive NodeBB setup for new plugins, themes and widgets.
  • Non-tracked configuration files (config/**/*.local.json).
  • Allows simple meta-replacements while compilation to keep consistency of data like version, name, etc.
  • Native support for CoffeeScript- and TypeScript-projects with in-place compilation.
  • Default setups for applying code-style and structural conventions chosen by NodeBB module developers.
  • Easy to extend grunt-task structure that allows you to add custom compilers if needed.


Grunt tasks may be run from command-line like grunt task-name:argument.

The most interesting tasks you need to know ( my-module may either be the name or an alias of any existing module):

Task definition Meaning
config Initial setup of configuration (e.g. default value for author and GitHub username, etc.)
init (default task) Setup a new module.
dev:my-module Run development-compilation of my-module and start blocking file-watchers.
dev_stop:my-module Run development-compilation of my-module (without file-watchers).
dev_skip:my-module Run file-watchers for my-module (without preceding development-compilation).
build:my-module Run distribution compilation of my-module
publish:my-module Publish my-module as specified for my-module (npm and git via default config).
deploy:my-module Run distribution compilation of my-module and publish (alias for build and publish).
clean Clean temporary data.

Note: For the publish task you need to be running a real shell to be able to use git commit -e for commit message input since. The task-manager of your IDE may not provide this (e.g. JetBrains IDEA does not).


  • Basic plugin-, theme- and widgets-setups
  • Excessive use of ES6 features within plugin-babel setup
  • Save necessary meta within module source dir to import a project into nodebb-grunt (type-definition)
  • Create wiki step-by-step guides for
    • NodeBB Grunt setup
    • Module setup creation (incl. what to keep in mind regarding ${x}, @{x} and @{>x})
  • Wiki: list sample meta-replace variables (for init- and compile-time)
  • Add defaults for Linter configurations
  • Use (fork, add rules - maybe skip {x..y} for simplicity) for detection of files to copy into tmp- (.gitignore and ".git*") and dest- (.npmignore or .gitignore and ".git*") directories
  • Basic plugin-, theme- and widgets-setups with TypeScript-, CoffeeScript- and SASS-usage
  • A smart clean-task that accepts module-id as parameter
  • Allow different setups for same type (additional setup-selection within init-task)
  • Save last npm published version to throw an early error within publish task
  • Some tasks for adding git-providers and other config-modifications
  • Figure out why "preserveComments": "some" in options of minify-task doesn't work properly (does preserve "all" comments)
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