Redis commands
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Redis Commands

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This module exports all the commands that Redis supports.


$ npm install redis-commands


var commands = require('redis-commands');

.list is an array contains all the lowercased commands:

commands.list.forEach(function (command) {

.exists() is used to check if the command exists:

commands.exists('set') // true
commands.exists('other-command') // false

.hasFlag() is used to check if the command has the flag:

commands.hasFlag('set', 'readonly') // false

.getKeyIndexes() is used to get the indexes of keys in the command arguments:

commands.getKeyIndexes('set', ['key', 'value']) // [0]
commands.getKeyIndexes('mget', ['key1', 'key2']) // [0, 1]


Thank @Yuan Chuan for the package name. The original redis-commands is renamed to @yuanchuan/redis-commands.