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SDTButtplug is a mod made for SuperDeepthroat with it's modloader. Which can be found at:

It sends realtime data to supported sex toys using buttplug via intiface. Which can be found at:

Todo's: feel free to send a Pull Request!

  • Socket reconnecting. Only tries to connect at game start, need to restart if a timeout occurs
  • OSR2, support is already there on the mod side. The buttplug side is pending ( buttplugio/buttplug#397 )

How to use:

  • Install and start buttplug:
  • Get SDT
  • Install the mod
    • Download the SDTButtplug.swf from this repo
    • Create a folder in your loader package Loader/Mods/SDTButtplug
    • Copy the SDTButtplug.swf to Loader/Mods/SDTButtplug/Mod.swf
    • Add a line to Loader/Mods/CharacterFolders.txt, which reads: SDTButtplug:SDTButtplug
  • Set up SDT as trusted for flash
    • Go to your AppData folder by hitting WIN+R, type in %appdata%, then press Enter
    • Nativate to %appdata%\Macromedia\Flash Player\#Security\FlashPlayerTrust\. If the folder don't exist, create them.
    • Create a file named: SDT.cfg
    • Add the full path to your Loader folder to SDT.cfg, you can do this with notepad. Don't forget to save.
  • Launch
    • Run the Flash Player projector from your Loader folder.
    • Go to File -> Open -> Browse
    • Open the Loader.swf in your Loader folder
    • Click OK
    • Click Play
    • Hit Y on your keyboard
    • Click the character icon on the left
    • Scroll to the right, click on SDTButtplug
    • In the top right it should show "SDTButtplug: connected" after a few seconds
    • Power on your sex toy
    • Done

You can press ';' to reconnect

If the mod doesn't load anything (Screen says Loading Finished without any mention of SDTButtplug). Try making a fresh .swf, this is done by deleting SDTButtplug.swf and running Compile.bat, the newly generated SDTButtplug.swf might work better. It's a stupid fix which shouldn't change anything, but for some people it seems to fix the problem. Flash right ...


If you want to tweak the configuration, copy SDTButtplug.txt from the repo to Loader/Settings/SDTButtplug.txt. You can edit the file with notepad, then save and restart the game. Make sure the game also says: "SDTButtplug: config file loaded".

Depending on your device/setup you might want to edit the config for a better response.

Too much stuttering (For example with a Vorze A10 Piston)


Not responsive enough (For example with an OSR2 / SR6)


Other animations not working


Edit these to your liking and let us know when you've found the Golden settings for a specific device!


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