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Cython syntax support for SublimeText
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Cython support for Sublime Text 2/3



Please use Package Control to install the linter plugin. This will ensure that the plugin will be updated when new versions are available. If you want to install from source so you can modify the source code, you probably know what you are doing so we won’t cover that here.

To install via Package Control, do the following:

  1. Within Sublime Text, bring up the Command Palette and type install. Among the commands you should see Package Control: Install Package. If that command is not highlighted, use the keyboard or mouse to select it. There will be a pause of a few seconds while Package Control fetches the list of available plugins.
  1. When the plugin list appears, type cython. Among the entries you should see Cython. If that entry is not highlighted, use the keyboard or mouse to select it.


Python-related snippets

Abbreviation Result
. self.
__ __name__


This project is a repackaging of the TextMate bundle : svn repo.

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