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Sample code for "No, not that Canvas API"
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No, not that Canvas API

Sample project for "Web, Docs, & Canvas" lecture. This was part of a series of mini-lectures for the CPSC 490 class at the University of British Columbia. This lecture was designed to mix a presentation, live coding, and workshop. We instructed students how to read technical documentation and used the Canvas API built into web browsers as an example to work with.


  • master: Completed project
  • day1: Day 1 starter code (live coding)
  • day2: Day 2 starter code (workshop)


Running the server

If using Max or Linux, you can use your built-in Python installation to run a simple web server.

cd not-that-canvas
# If Python 2
python -m SimpleHTTPServer
# If Python 3
python3 -m http.server

Then open localhost:8000.

Alternatively, you can install Node.js then use it to run a simple web server.

# After node.js is installed...
cd not-that-canvas
npx serve

Then open localhost:5000.

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