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Open Source Metaverse Mining Pool Orchestrator

Orchestrates all the pool functionality:

  • Stratum
  • Web API
  • Payouts
  • Block Unlocker


These are supported, other versions are unsupported.

  • mvsd v3 API
  • git - all versions supported
  • Ubuntu - 16.04.5 LTS
  • go 1.6.x
  • redis-server 3.0.x

If you also want the web interface, you'll also need to make your own or use open-metaverse-pool-www


Use git to download this repo to a folder, then cd to it:

git clone /Your/Destination/Folder
cd /Your/Destination/Folder

Now use make to build the pool, it will be placed in build/bin.

Configure the .json files accordingly, setting the wallet username and password, ports and various other settings.

Now use the .service files in misc to add the services to systemd. Make sure you set the paths in these files

cp misc/*.service /etc/systemd/system/
systemctl enable oep-etp-api
systemctl enable oep-etp-stratum
systemctl enable oep-etp-unlocker
systemctl enable oep-etp-payouts

Running / Usage

Now just start the services you added using:

systemctl start oep-etp-*

If you get errors, please check folder permissions, missing folders, wallet is running, ports are open, and other common problems PRIOR to raising an issue. Issues raised with no prior debugging will be closed.

To build the Orchestrator, use make after a fresh install or when you make a change.

You can also set an entry in crontab for misc/ for if Redis is locked without pending payments. Make sure you edit the file to set the correct "coin" that you have in the .json files and the right service name

* * * * * /opt/scripts/