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Nova the Squirrel

You can also get the game from!

Nova the Squirrel is an NES game that stars Nova Storm, a green squirrel, who winds up in a new and unfamiliar world with strange new abilities, and she must use her new abilities to save the world.

Animated screenshot Animated screenshot

This game takes inspiration from Super Mario Bros. 3, Kirby Super Star, Chip's Challenge, and Hannah and the Pirate Caves. In many cases, Nova will have to copy abilities from enemies and then use them to solve puzzles.

Variable width cutscene screenshot Moving platforms screenshot

Engine features include cutscenes with variable width text and portraits, and moving platforms.

Level editor

There is a level editor that I think is a lot better than Tiled, named PrincessEdit.

This is an open source project and it also exists to develop the Princess Engine (named because its goal is similar to President ) into something that's useful for other programmers to use to make their own NES platformer game. This engine will provide something much more legal to play with than hacking a game in the Mario series. In addition, unlike with Super Mario World, all the tools as well as the game itself are completely open source, and GPL licensed.