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Subscribe to this repo to be notified of upcoming proposals and other important changes to NuGet
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This repo is for team announcements only. To file a bug or start a discussion, please create a new issue on NuGet client or NuGet server.

All items posted (as issues) to this repo are locked, but will typically have links to separate discussion threads on one of the NuGet repos. Please use those discussion threads for questions and comments about a particular announcement.

Receiving Notifications

Subscribe to this repo to be notified about major changes, upcoming features and other noteworthy announcements in NuGet.


Using the Issues list

Use the Feature and Breaking Change labels to see what's new and changed.

New feature announcements will have one of the following labels:

  • Reviewing - Feature being proposed and is undergoing review within the team and the community.
  • Reviewed - Feature has been reviewed and necessary feedback incorporated. The feature is ready to be implemented.
  • Implemented - Feature has been implemented.
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