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Documentation site for NuGet
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NuGet Documentation

Markdown based ASP.NET Web Pages documentation system for NuGet.

If you're interested in contributing to the documentation for NuGet, you're in the right place.


To contribute to the docs, just clone our repository and work on the Markdown files in the Docs folder. For more details on the process, read our detailed instructions.

Using NuGet Docs for your own docs

This project includes a website that renders a table of contents based on a directory structure containing markdown files. Feel free to use the website for your own documentation needs, or there is a markdownpages package. Do consider contributing back your improvements though!


If you're having trouble with the Website, file a bug on the NuGet Gallery Issue Tracker.

If you're having trouble with the NuGet client tools (the Visual Studio extension, NuGet.exe command line tool, etc.), file a bug on NuGet Home.

Issues related directly to docs can be posted in NuGet Home.

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