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Polymorphic and multilingual content management system.

Nuclear Dashboard

Nuclear is a polymorphic and multilingual content management system powered by Laravel.
Important: Nuclear is still in alpha versions of the V3 family and is still being developed, use it at your own risk!

Features (very briefly)

  • Responsive and easy to use UI
  • Node structured content management
  • Different content types with customizable fields
  • Documents library that supports multiple media types, image editing and embedding external media
  • Built-in multilingual content tags
  • Mailings with customizable content and templating, mailing lists and subscribers (with default PHP driver or Mailchimp integration)
  • Extensible ACL with users, roles and permissions
  • Auto maintenance and auto updating
  • Multilingual site and content based page view statistics tracking


The V3 has a pretty installer which is initialized at the first run. So, to install Nuclear just download the latest release and extract the zip in your server, then navigate in your browser to where Nuclear is hosted. Installer will guide you through some easy steps to setup Nuclear.


Nuclear documentation is still being worked on. It will be published as soon as the first full release of version 3 is dispatched.


Nuclear is released under MIT License.