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πŸ’» htop-like system-monitor for Windows with Vi-keybindings.
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Latest Release License: GPL v3

htop-like system-monitor with Vi-emulation for Windows. Because using Task Manager is not cool enough.


NTop as in Windows NT-op or NukeTop. Whatever you prefer (the latter obviously).

Installation with Chocolatey

choco install ntop.portable



Option Meaning
-C Use monochrome color scheme.
-h Display help info.
-p PID,PID... Show only the given PIDs.
-s COLUMN Sort by this column.
-u USERNAME Only display processes belonging to this user.
-v Print version.

Interactive commands

Key(s) Purpose
Up and Down Arrows, PgUp and PgDown, j and k Scroll the process list.
CTRL + Left and Right Arrows\n Change the process sort column.
g Go to the top of the process list.
G Go to the bottom of the process list.
Space Tag a selected process.
U Untag all tagged processes.
K Kill all tagged processes.
I Invert the sort order.
F Follow process: if the sort order causes the currently selected process to move in the list, make the selection bar follow it. Moving the cursor manually automatically disables this feature.
n Next in search.
N Previous in search.

Vi commands

Command(s) Purpose
:exec CMD Executes the given Windows command.
:kill PID(s) Kill all given processes.
:q, :quit Quit NTop.
/PATTERN, :search PATTERN Do a search.
:sort COLUMN Sort the process list after the given column.
:tree View process tree.


The color scheme can be customized through the ntop.conf file. Follow link for example.


Use CMake or use the build.bat file. Only tested with Visual Studio 2017.

cmake .

For enabling Unicode support:



  • Figure out buggy resizing.
  • View process tree.
  • Searching.
  • Filtering.
  • All of htop's command line options.
  • At least the most important interactive commands (e.g. following processes).
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