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stefkes commented Mar 19, 2020

Installation of Laravel Zero with the command below

laravel-zero new TestApp

Results in output

Writing lock file
Generating optimized autoload files
> @php application app:rename
Renaming the application...

 What is your application name?:


Script @php application app:rename handling the post-create-project-cmd event returned with error code 1
xldenis commented Jun 19, 2018

If you accept the name suggestion from paperboy, it will happily overwrite any files that happen to have that name in the library folder. Luckily in this case it was overwriting another copy of the same paper but it would be nice to have overwrite safeguards.


  1. Create multiple copies of a pdf in Inbox folder
  2. Move them to library with the same name
  3. Watch duplicates vani

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