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Script Dragon

NullCascade's Elder Scrolls Modifications

The files found here are varied between Elder Scroll plugin files (.esp), Script Dragon plugins (.dll-ish, written in C++), Skyrim Script Extender plugins (also C++/Assembly), and whatever else I happen to need. Different related tools are grouped in their own subdirectory.

Script Dragon

Script Dragon, created by Alexander Blade, is a Skyrim engine extender, which allows the use of Skyrim script functions in 3rd party ScriptDragon plugins.

I currently have two plugins:

  • Dragon Souls to Perk Points - Allows the user to convert those useless late-game dragon souls into precious and rare perk points. Configurable to be as cheap or costly as you desire.
  • Dynamic Timescale - Changes the timescale dynamically, based on what situation the player is in.
  • No Fast Travel - Disables the use of fast travel.
  • Scale Quest Rewards - Makes items level up with you! You are no longer punished for completing quests at a low level.
  • Toggle UI - Allows the toggling of the UI with a push of a button.