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What is CookiesOK?

CookiesOK is a browser extension which aims to automatically click the accept button on Cookie Consent Notices.


CookiesOK is available from the Chrome web store [here] (, Opera add-ons [here] ( and Mozilla Add-ons [here] (

To manually install CookiesOK download all files to your computer and use your webbrowser to load it from your local machine. This process is similiar, differs slightly, among different webbrowsers. For more details / instructions on this have a look at:

Firefox: [Temporary Installation in Firefox] (

Chrome: [Getting Started: Building a Chrome Extension - Load the extension] (

Opera: [The Basics of Making an Extension - Step 5 — Packing it all up!] (

Edge: [Adding and removing extensions for preview builds of Microsoft Edge] (

Browser specific adjustments

Before you do so, there is one adjustment to make before you can start last step to take. Different browsers require slightly different manifest.json files. 3 versions have been included in this project.

If you use Firefox, rename "manifest.firefox.json" to "manifest.json"

If you use Edge, rename "manifest.edge.json" to "manifest.json"

If you use either Chrome or Opera, rename "" to "manifest.json"


  • Should you have any improvements to the extension code, please feel free to send me a pull request.

  • I'm still working on a way to let the community contribute to the websites database.