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A server mod for Terraria that adds features everyone loves.
C# Python
Latest commit 4167a9b @tylerjwatson tylerjwatson Removed unimportant messages from OnSecondUpdate()
Removed check ignores failed and player disabled for
not being logged in whilst SSC is enabled console messages, as
they are incessant in larger servers.

The messages are not informative as they are not reasonably
actionable by the console, and there is no point in spamming
server operators about such issues.

TShock Build Status

TShock is a server modification for Terraria, written in C#, and based upon the Terraria Server API. It uses JSON for configuration management, and offers several features not present in the Terraria Server normally.


  • MySQL support
  • Permissions
  • Multiple administrators
  • Anti-cheat
  • User registration
  • Reserved slots
  • User punishment (kicking, banning, muting)
  • Server side characters
  • JSON based configuration management


Feeling like helping out? Want to find an awesome server? Some awesome plugins?

If your intention is to send a pull request or code change, please join #pull-request in Slack to discuss your changes with the team. For more contributing guidelines, see the contributing file.


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