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Odoo telephony connector

This projets aims at connecting Odoo to different phone systems. Phone systems currently supported are Asterisk (an OpenSource IPBX, cf asterisk.org and OVH (the centrex offer of OVH, cf the OVH website).

This project provides:

  • a serie of modules (base_phone, base_phone_popup, crm_phone, hr_phone, event_phone, etc...) that are independant from the phone system and can be usefull on all Odoo installations.
  • several modules (asterisk_click2dial, ovh_telephony_connector) that are specific to a particular phone system.

The main maintainer of this project is Alexis de Lattre from Akretion (alexis.delattre _at_ akretion.com).

To know more about the OpenERP-Asterisk connector, refer to the documentation available on the Akretion website http://www.akretion.com/en/products-and-services/openerp-asterisk-voip-connector