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Translation: l10n-brazil-14.0/l10n-brazil-14.0-l10n_br_fiscal


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Odoo Brazilian localization

Available addons

addon version maintainers summary
l10n_br_account renatonlima rvalyi Brazilian Localization Account
l10n_br_account_due_list renatonlima rvalyi Brazilian Account Due List
l10n_br_account_nfe antoniospneto felipemotter mbcosta Integration between l10n_br_account and l10n_br_nfe
l10n_br_account_payment_brcobranca rvalyi mbcosta L10n Br Account Payment BRCobranca
l10n_br_account_payment_order mbcosta Brazilian Payment Order
l10n_br_base renatonlima rvalyi Customization of base module for implementations in Brazil.
l10n_br_cnab_structure antoniospneto felipemotter This module allows defining the structure for generating the CNAB file. Used to exchange information with Brazilian banks.
l10n_br_cnpj_search Integração com os Webservices da ReceitaWS e SerPro
l10n_br_coa renatonlima mileo Base do Planos de Contas brasileiros
l10n_br_coa_generic mileo Plano de Contas para empresas do Regime normal (Micro e pequenas empresas)
l10n_br_coa_simple renatonlima Plano de Contas ITG 1000 para Microempresas e Empresa de Pequeno Porte
l10n_br_contract mileo marcelsavegnago Customization of Contract module for implementations in Brazil.
l10n_br_crm Brazilian Localization CRM
l10n_br_currency_rate_update renatonlima Update exchange rates using OCA modules for Brazil
l10n_br_delivery renatonlima mbcosta delivery module Brazilian Localization
l10n_br_delivery_nfe mbcosta Brazilian Localization Delivery NFe
l10n_br_fiscal renatonlima Brazilian fiscal core module.
l10n_br_fiscal_closing Fechamento fiscal do periodo
l10n_br_hr Brazilian Localization HR
l10n_br_mis_report mileo Templates de relatórios contábeis brasileiros: Balanço Patrimonial e DRE
l10n_br_nfe rvalyi renatonlima Brazilian Eletronic Invoice NF-e
l10n_br_nfe_spec rvalyi nfe spec
l10n_br_nfse gabrielcardoso21 mileo luismalta marcelsavegnago NFS-e
l10n_br_portal Campos Brasileiros no Portal
l10n_br_pos mileo lfdivino luismalta ygcarvalh Ponto de venda adaptado a legislação Brasileira
l10n_br_pos_cfe mileo lfdivino luismalta ygcarvalh CF-e
l10n_br_product_contract mileo marcelsavegnago Criação de contratos através dos Pedidos de Vendas
l10n_br_purchase renatonlima rvalyi Brazilian Localization Purchase
l10n_br_purchase_request marcelsavegnago Purchase Request Brazilian Localization Purchase Request
l10n_br_purchase_stock Brazilian Localization Purchase Stock
l10n_br_repair marcelsavegnago Brazilian Localization Repair
l10n_br_resource mileo hendixcosta lfdivino This module extend core resource to create important brazilian informations. Define a Brazilian calendar and some tools to compute dates used in financial and payroll modules
l10n_br_sale renatonlima Brazilian Localization Sale
l10n_br_sale_invoice_plan marcelsavegnago Brazilian Localization Sale Invoice Plan
l10n_br_sale_stock renatonlima mbcosta Brazilian Localization Sales and Warehouse
l10n_br_stock Brazilian Localization Warehouse
l10n_br_stock_account Brazilian Localization WMS Accounting
l10n_br_website_sale Website sale localização brasileira.
l10n_br_website_sale_delivery marcelsavegnago DiegoParadeda Implements Brazilian freight values for delivery.
l10n_br_zip renatonlima Brazilian Localisation ZIP Codes
payment_pagseguro Payment Acquirer: PagSeguro Implementation
spec_driven_model rvalyi Tools for specifications driven mixins (from xsd for instance)


This repository is licensed under AGPL-3.0.

However, each module can have a totally different license, as long as they adhere to Odoo Community Association (OCA) policy. Consult each module's file, which contains a license key that explains its license.

OCA, or the Odoo Community Association, is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to support the collaborative development of Odoo features and promote its widespread use.