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Releases: ODUWAX/oduwacoin


18 Sep 15:28
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Blockchain DB Download Link :

We're excited to announce the latest release of Oduwacoin. This release includes several enhancements and upgrades to improve the overall performance and user experience of our platform. Here's a summary of what's new:

New Features:

getstakereport RPC Command:

Users can now access a staking report for various time frames including the past 7 days, 30 days, 1 year, and all time. This feature provides a comprehensive view of staking activities and rewards.


Increased Maximum Outbound Connections: To enhance network connectivity and resilience, we've increased the maximum number of outbound connections.

Library Upgrades:

secp256k1: Upgraded for better cryptographic performance and security.

univalue: Enhanced for improved JSON handling.

leveldb: Updated to the latest version for optimized database operations.

Dependency Upgrades:

Qt: Upgraded to the latest version to ensure a smooth and responsive GUI experience.

Other Libraries: We've also updated various other dependencies to ensure compatibility, security, and performance.

We recommend all users to upgrade to this latest version to benefit from these enhancements. As always, please backup your wallet before upgrading.


01 Jun 12:26
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Blockchain DB Download Link :

Below minor bug Fixed in this v2.0.0.1-IVIE Update

1. Added Stakesplitthreshold by command line

You can find the stakesplitthreshold from the File menu on Settings -> Options below Open Configuration File if you want to start it then add this line (stakesplitthreshold=1000) in your config file(OduwaCoin.conf).

ex. stakesplitthreshold=1000 Here instead of 1000 you can set amount which you want to add.

2. Resolved QT Crash issue due to memory leak

3. Added Verbosity in getblock RPC


07 May 06:11
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Mandatory Update

Blockchain DB Download Link :

All users must have to Upgrade their existing Oduwa Wallet before 14th May 2021/before 1,230,000 block.

Follow below Step for Upgrade your wallet into v2.0-IVIE

1. Stop your Existing Oduwa Wallet if it's running.

2. Take backup of your wallet.dat for Safety.

3. Now delete existing database (database, txleveldb, blk0001.dat) folders.

4. Now Download blockchain database ( in same path and Extract it. (We recommend to do this)

5. Now start new v2.0-IVIE Oduwa Wallet. (If you didn't download and Extract bootstrap in 4th step and directly start new wallet than it will start sync from 1st Block and take so much time to full sync)

Release v1.1.0.0

03 Mar 06:28
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Seed server and RPC Command addnode added