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__author__ = 'dbergert'
import os
import time
import argparse
import requests
import xml.etree.ElementTree as etree
parser = argparse.ArgumentParser(description='Submit Veracode Scan')
parser.add_argument("username", help="Veracode API Username")
parser.add_argument("password", help="Veracode API Password")
parser.add_argument("app_id", help="Veracode Application Id")
parser.add_argument("project_jar", help="Main Project Jar")
parser.add_argument("project_version", help="Project Version")
parser.add_argument("project_build_path", help="Project Build Path")
parser.add_argument("sleep_time", help="Sleep Time to wait for Prescan in Seconds")
parser.add_argument("--skip_upload_dependencies", help="skip uploading dependenices in lib dir from build path" ,action="store_true")
args = parser.parse_args()
username = args.username
password = args.password
app_id = args.app_id
sleep_time = int(args.sleep_time)
module_id = None
def main():
print "Starting to Upload Build for Veracode Scan..."
print "Creating Application Build Profile..."
print "Uploading Main Application File... : " + project_jar + " - " + project_version
uploadFiles(project_build_path + project_jar)
if not args.skip_upload_dependencies:
print "Uploading Dependencies..."
dirList=os.listdir(project_build_path + "/lib/")
for fname in dirList:
print " Uploading : " + fname
uploadFiles(project_build_path + "/lib/" + fname)
print "Skipping Uploading Dependencies..."
print "Running PreScan..."
print "Waiting for PreScan to Complete..."
print "Checking Results of PreScan..."
xmlPreScan = getPreScanResults()
namespace = "{}"
root = etree.fromstring(xmlPreScan)
for module in root.findall(".//{0}module[@name='{1}']".format(namespace, project_jar)):
print module.attrib
module_id = module.get('id')
print "Submitting Static Scan Request to Veracode..."
#Kick off Full Scan
def listApps():
# curl --compressed -u username:password
r = requests.get("", auth=(username, password))
print r.text
def createBuild():
#curl --compressed -u [api user]:[api user password] -F "app_id=111111" -F "version=v1"
payload = {'app_id': app_id, 'version' : project_version}
r ="", params=payload, auth=(username, password))
#print r.text
def uploadFiles(uploadFileName):
#curl --compressed -u username:password -F "app_id=111111" -F "file=your.jar"
files = {'file' : open(uploadFileName, 'rb')}
payload = {'app_id': app_id}
r ="", params=payload, files=files, auth=(username, password))
#print r.text
def runPreScan():
#curl --compressed -u username:password -F "app_id=111111"
payload = {'app_id': app_id}
r ="", params=payload, auth=(username, password))
#print r.text
def getPreScanResults():
#curl --compressed -u username:password -F "app_id=111111"
payload = {'app_id': app_id}
r ="", params=payload, auth=(username, password))
#print r.text
return r.text
def beginScan(module_id):
#curl --compressed -u username:password -F "app_id="111111" -F "scan_all_top_level_modules="true""
payload = {'app_id': app_id, 'modules' : module_id}
r ="", params=payload, auth=(username, password))
#print r.text
if __name__ == "__main__":
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