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In this folder, you will find the simplest plugins to be used as an examples while creating your own ones.

List of available examples

Inserting content

  • helloworld shows how to insert text into the document.
  • templates - shows how to insert content generated using DocBuilder script into your doc.
  • CBR shows how to get data from third party service and insert it into your spreadsheet.
  • example_autocomplete - an example of an input assistant/non-standard keyboard. It has its own window that appears and disappears when you type the text. Its location is tied to the cursor.

Search and replace

  • example_search_replace - an example of search & replace feature with settings.
  • searchAndReplaceOnStart shows how to automatically replace content when you start the editor. In this case, text “ONLYOFFICE” will be replaced with the text "ONLYOFFICE is cool".

Work with comments

Work with content controls

Third-party services integration

  • chrome_extension_example shows how to turn your plugin into a Chrome extension to add its functionality to the cloud version of ONLYOFFICE.
  • externallistener shows how to manipulate the editor from an external panel of a 3rd party service.


  • settings shows how to protect a document using a watermark.
  • chess shows how to work with OLE-objects and save data to your document.



User feedback and support

If you have any problems or question about ONLYOFFICE plugins, use the issues section here, in this repository.