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Magento 1 module for comparison shopping engine
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Magento 1 module for comparison shopping engine.

This module allows you to map the attributes of your products with all attributes from from various industries and assign your products to specific categories from

You can use highly configurable mass actions or simply edit products one by one.

Mappings can be run manually, but the Cron Magento also runs them on a daily basis.

As a result You get publicly accessible dynamically generated XML files (one for each store view) that you can add to your accounts at

It's possible to use generated XML files in other comparison shopping engines e.g.,,,, and


  • Ability to map all attributes of (from all product groups) with Magento attributes
  • Support for configurable products
  • Advanced interface for assigning products to categories from
  • Automation of assigning products to categories from (CRON)
  • Import of current categories at any time
  • Allows using ID in the feed instead of product SKU (Ceneo does not accept certain SKUs, e.g. spaces containing spaces)
  • Allows using watermarked images in the feed
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