Simple driver to register all available process, thread, image, Registry, and Object callbacks
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Kernel Mode Extensions Driver

This is a very simple driver that registers the callbacks using the following routines:

  • CmRegisterCallback
  • CmRegisterCallbackEx
  • ExRegisterCallback
  • ObRegisterCallbacks
  • PsSetCreateProcessNotifyRoutine
  • PsSetCreateProcessNotifyRoutineEx
  • PsSetCreateProcessNotifyRoutineEx2
  • PsSetCreateThreadNotifyRoutine
  • PsSetCreateThreadNotifyRoutineEx
  • PsSetLoadImageNotifyRoutine

In each callback registered the driver DbgPrints some minimal amount of information describing the operation. It is meant as a convenient way to play with the behavior and invocation of these callbacks on different versions of Windows.


The provided solution builds in Visual Studio 2015 with the Windows 10 1607 WDK


Create a service entry for the driver:

sc create kmexts binpath=c:\users\osr\desktop\kmexts.sys type=kernel start=demand

Then start the driver:

net start kmexts

Be sure to have DbgPrint messages enabled for your target machine either via the Registry or the debugger. See Getting DbgPrint Output to Appear in Vista and Later.