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  1. admin_2_0 Public archive

    Admin 2.0

    PHP 16 4

  2. Create a google XML sitemap for your OXID eShop

    PHP 10 29

  3. OXID eShop module system helper tools

    PHP 10 12

  4. A more extensive statistical analysis of sales figures. Provides the ability to graph the sales figures as a bar or line chart. By setting filters further customizable.

    JavaScript 9 11

  5. oxrun Public

    Oxrun provides a cli toolset for the OXID eShop v6.x

    PHP 9 7

  6. OXID Community Console is a php console application for OXID Shop. It provides an API for writing various commands. We have shipped very common for every oxid shop project commands out of the box.

    PHP 7 5


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