this repository provide examples to embed Xtext in Sirius diagram editors.
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Xtext Sirius Embedded Editor Example

This plug-in contains a basic framework easing the embedding of an Xtext editor inside a diagram representation created with Sirius.
This is not needed at all to load Xtext models and create diagrams on top of those, this functionnaliy is provided by the Sirius project itself in its update-site.


Screenshot of diagram without embedded text editor

Screenshot of diagram with embedded text editor


  • Eclipse Sirius 1.x
  • Xtext 2.x

How to

  • Create a tool in your modeler, and in the model operation, add an External Java Action Call and set OpenEmbeddedEditor as id.
  • Extends OpenXtextEmbeddedEditor to bind your Xtext model.
import org.eclipse.xtext.example.domainmodel.ui.internal.DomainmodelActivator;

public class OpenEmbeddedEditor extends OpenXtextEmbeddedEditor {
	protected Injector getInjector() {
		return  DomainmodelActivator.getInstance().getInjector("org.eclipse.xtext.example.domainmodel.Domainmodel");
  • register your java action
   <extension point="org.eclipse.sirius.externalJavaAction">

Known limitation