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Nyr is the home where battle weary humans first crossed over into this realm. Because of this, it is the traditional starting point in most trainer’s careers. Discovered over a century ago by a young woman, the town is named in her honor and name. Nyr has grown to encompass all the nearby islands within its grasp. The main island has a large tree in its center. This is known to be where most trainers start on their path. Nearby islands have also been converted to help these new trainers, as they provide the inhabitants with many adventurous tales. With a bustling PokeCenter and Marts dotting the islands, it greets the trainers with open arms. Here you will find a wide variety Pokemon species. The island caretakers tend to chase off any older pokes that want to make the island their home. This has allowed younger and unevolved Pokemon to roam freely, just another reason it is the perfect place for new trainers.

Coordinates: -130, 95, -300

Unique Areas

A lush series of connected islands dotted with trees and sandy beaches, Nyr is home to many notable features such as a large tree overshadowing the main island, two large crystal caves, large mushrooms around the base of the tree, and multicolored wisps circling the island.

Notable Features

Nyr offers fair mix of low level pokemon, and is possibly the closest warp to a selection of healers, trade machines, and PCs as the command '/spawn' will place you just a few blocks away from these facilities. This makes it a popular area to trade and heal Pokemon.

Unique NPCs

Move Relearner

There is a Move Relearner at the very top of Nyr's Pokecenter, located on an island the the south-east of the main spawn island. This NPC will allow you to teach a pokemon any move from its lean set that it is at or above the appropriate level for, regardless of rather or not that particular pokemon ever had the move.

Using the command '/warp pokecenter' will put you inside the building, on the ground floor, the NPC is located at the top of the spiral staircase.

The Move Relearner will also charge one (1) Emerald per move taught.

Pokémon Spawning

  • Slowpoke - 1 HEALTH POINT EV
  • Yanma - 1 SPEED EV
  • Magikarp - 1 SPEED EV
  • Ratatta - 1 SPEED EV
  • Oddish - 1 SPECIAL ATTACK EV
  • Caterpie - 1 HEALTH POINT EV
  • Weedle - 1 SPEED EV
  • Murkrow - 1 SPEED EV


Nyr Pokemart

Like all towns Nyr features a Pokemart. Nry's pokemart is on an island to the south-east of the main spawn island. Using the command '/warp spawnshop' will place you directly inside the shop. This shop features five vendors and between them sell a huge variety of items.

The shop's five vendors are a General Pokemart, A TM shop, A machines shop, a megastone shop, and a held items shop.

Nyr General Pokemart Stock

sprite Item Price
. Poke Ball ₽38
. Great Ball ₽75
. Ultra Ball ₽150
Master Ball ₽2000
. Nest Ball ₽50
. Potion ₽50
. Super Potion ₽100
. Hyper Potion ₽200
. Full Heal ₽100
. Revive ₽500
. Dark Oak Wood ₽10
. Apple ₽60
. Bread ₽75
. Steak ₽120

Nyr TM Shop

Nyr's TM shop sells nearly every TM in the game, except for the TMs awarded from gym battles. Tms range in price from ₽1,000 to ₽10,000. There are too many to effectively list here but if you would like to view a list of the TMs and which moves they offer you can click here. and check the 'Generation VI' list.

Nyr Machines Shop

The Machines Vendor sells of of the basic machines players might want for their home outside of the RPG world, and who do not wish to craft them.

Nyr Machines Shop Stock

sprite Item Price
Healer ₽500
PC ₽500
Trade Machine ₽500
Mechanical Anvil ₽500
Fossil Cleaner ₽500
Fossil Machine ₽500
Ranch Block ₽1000

Megastone Vendor

Held Item Vendor


A baked goods vender is located on the south-west dock of the main spawn island.

Nyr Bakery Stock

sprite Item Price
. Cake ₽210
. Cookie ₽10
. Pumpkin Pie ₽120
. Bread ₽75

Flower Shop

A florist sells flowers and other plants on the south-west dock of the main spawn island.

Nyr Flower Shop Stock

sprite Item Price
. Allium ₽9
. Poppy ₽9
. Dandelion ₽9
. Blue Orchid ₽9
. Azure Bluet ₽9
. Red Tulip ₽9
. White Tulip ₽9
. Orange Tulip ₽9
. Pink Tulip ₽9
. Oxeye Daisy ₽9
. Oak Leaves ₽25
. Spruce Leaves ₽25
. Birch Leaves ₽25
. Jungle Leaves ₽25
. Acacia Leaves ₽25
. Dark Oak Leaves ₽25
. Lily Pad ₽100
. Sunflower ₽18
. Lilac ₽18
. Rose Bush ₽18
. Peony ₽18
. Mycelium ₽50
. Grass Block ₽25
. Cocoa Beans ₽9

Oblique Terra


Gym Info

  • Agni: Ground - Challenger's max level: 25
  • Nogrod: Rock - Challenger's max level: 35
  • Kuan-Ti: Fighting - Challenger's max level: 45
  • Skadi: Ghost - Challenger's max level: 55
  • Ione: Water - Challenger's max level: 65
  • Arvandor: Fairy - Challenger's max level: 75
  • Tesla: Psychic - Challenger's max level: 85
  • Highrift: Flying - Challenger's max level: 95
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