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OctoPack is an open source project that makes it easy to create Octopus Deploy-compatible NuGet packages.

Sounds confusing? Well, NuGet was originally designed for packaging up open-source code libraries for developers to use in Visual Studio. And it also happens to be the perfect format for packaging applications that you want to deploy. As we discuss on the packaging page, however, some of the default NuGet conventions and assumptions don't work quite so well for tools like Octopus. So to help you create Octopus-ready NuGet packages, we created a tool called OctoPack.


Refer to our Octopus Deploy documentation page


While we do monitor issues posted to this repository, we do not do so every day, so it may be some time before we respond.

If you've found a bug or something isn't working, please contact support, who can help you find a workaround or make sure the problem gets prioritized properly.

Contributing to OctoPack

OctoPack is in maintenance and new features are not being actively added to it.

If you are planing on sending a pull request, please see our Contribution guide.

If you have an idea or a feature request, and it is directly related to this product in this repository, clear out this text and create an issue. Otherwise, please post it to our UserVoice site so others can vote for it.