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JetBrains TeamCity plugin to trigger releases on build completion
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This plug-in allows TeamCity builds to trigger deployments in Octopus Deploy.

Please raise and track issues for this project here.

Get the plugin

Download the plugin from the Octopus Deploy downloads page.

Installation and usage instructions are available in the Octopus Deploy documentation.


To build the plugin from code:

  1. Install the latest version of the JDK
  2. Install TeamCity
  3. Run mvnw -Dteamcity.distribution=C:\TeamCity clean package (set the TeamCity directory to the location where you extracted or installed TeamCity locally). The mvnw script will download Maven for you if it is not already installed.
  4. The plugin is available at octopus-distribution/target/

Editing and debugging in IntelliJ

  1. Install TeamCity locally to C:\TeamCity. Allow the service to start for the first time, and add an admin user. Then stop the service so it is not running.
  2. Give yourself full permissions to the Teamcity Data folder (usually C:\ProgramData\JetBrains\TeamCity). This folder may be hidden.
  3. Import the Maven project into IntelliJ.
  4. Create a Tomcat Configuration:
    1. Click Run -> Edit Configurations.
    2. Click the plus button and select Tomcat -> Local Run Configuration - Startup
    3. Click the Configure... button next to the Application Server: option.
    4. Set the Tomcat Home option to the location of your TeamCity installation (probably C:\TeamCity). Run Configuration - Startup
    5. Click the OK button.
  5. Under the Startup/Connection tab, set the Startup script to C:\TeamCity\bin\teamcity-server.bat run and the Shutdown script to C:\TeamCity\bin\teamcity-server.bat stop. Do this for both the Run and Debug environments.
  6. Ensure that the Before launch list includes the step Run Maven goal 'Octopus Deploy TeamCity plugin: package'.
  7. Run the copy-plugin.cmd script as an external tool after the Maven goal. This will copy the plugin to TeamCity.
  8. Ignore the Warning: No artifacts configured message. Run Configuration - Startup
  9. Click the OK button to save your changes.

At this point the you can run TeamCity from IntelliJ. If need be you can run TeamCity in debug mode and step through the plugin code as it is executed by TeamCity.

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