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A sample Java application to display famous quotes.

Run mvn package to create JAR, and mvn package -Pwar to create WAR.

Configuration Files

4 configuration files are provided:

  • application.yml is used for local development, and configures an in memory H2 database
  • deployed-application.yml is processed by Octopus during a deployment to include the environment name, and configures a PostgresSQL database
  • docker-application.yml is used by the Docker image, and configures an in memory H2 database
  • postgress-application.yml can be used for local development against a PostgresSQL database

Deploying to Sonatype

To deploy to Sonatype run the command:

mvn -Psonatype "-Dgpg.keyname=gpgkeyname" "-Dgpg.passphrase=keypassword" clean deploy

Note that you need to configure ~/.m2/settings.xml with your Sonatype credentials. See these instructions for details.

The WAR file has been published as com.octopus:randomquotes, and is available on Maven central.

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