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Odoo Website Multi-Image Module
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Website Multi Image stores multiple product images in a tab: 'Product Images' under Sales >> Product. These images are displayed on the product view page in a synced carousel (two carousels one large and one small) using OwlCarousel2.

Website Multi-Image

Please use the 9.0 branch:

sudo git clone -b 9.0 This will provide you with the latest working 'stable' version of the module built for the 9.0 branch. Please be advised this module is still under development.

Frontend Demo:

Admin Demo:

TODO: master

  • Image magnification

  • Secondary Image (on Mouseover) (Category list view and grid view)

  • Image thumbnail preview widget in admin list view (to replace current download link)

  • Attach Images to product variants to allow for image galleries based on product variants. This will be designed to switch galleries based on product variant attributes (eg. colour, size, etc.).

  • Add product variant swatch thumbnails in a similar manner to Magento 1.9.1 (eg. t-if from tags or labels).

  • Add support for WebRotate360 module website_webrotate360 (*not yet built).

  • Add support for importing multiple images from URL or local path as default to allow for a more user-friendly mass update/import of product images in a similar manner to the Magmi project for Magento

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