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Thesis Subject: An IoT Edge-as-a-service (Eaas) Distributed Architecture & Reference Implementation
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Thesis Initial commit Oct 15, 2019

Master repository for my Thesis Project for the Diploma from the Department of Electrical Engineering & Computer Technology, University of Patras, Greece.

It is shared under the Apache license version 2.0 to serve as boilerplate for future Thesis manuscripts as also to further the research in the relevant areas.

The Thesis Manuscript can be found in pdf at ResearchGate.

The Thesis Presentation can be found on Google Drive

The repository is divided into 2 main directories:

  • Thesis: The latex source directory for the thesis manuscript, it contains all the relevant images, texts and every file needed to compile the thesis in Overleaf. The latex template was forked from Nikos Tsiknakis repository whom I wholeheartly thank for his assistance during my latex virgin voyage. XeLaTEX was used for compilation.

  • Source: The directory of all the source files needed to replicate the reference implementation. The implementation is based on balena for the Edge devices and node-RED for the supporting backend. Further details on installation, configuration and functionality can be found in the Implementation Chapter of the Thesis.

📍If you do find an issue, in either the latex compilation or the reference implementation, please do open an issue ticket. If you want to improve the implementation, please do fork the source and do a pull request for others to find. 🚀

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