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Introduction to the Fetch Integration

The Fetch Integration is a simple solution to integrate with any website or app.

You can use the below URL template to point your website visitors or app users to That will let them download, backup or remote upload data found on the web easily & securely.{URL}&aff={AFF_CODE}

The following paramaters are accepted:

  • {URL} should point to any http://, https://, ftp://, sftp:// or magnet:// URL pointing to either direct data, file hosting or streaming content, .torrent or .nzb index files.
  • {AFF_CODE} should be your affiliate ID found in the URL displayed in the Affiliates section of your account @

The below URL gives you an example of such implemtation.

Making money with

The affiliates system of is very simple yet efficient and transparent. You are given a unique referral code that you can use with the Fetch Integration. Once someone goes to an link using your integration, he or she receives a cookie that will make sure he or she is identified as one of your referred users.

Whenever one of your referred users joins Offcloud and spends money with us, you are given the same sum as Offcloud Credit. You can use it to get a paid membership for free.

You are also given 33% of the revenue your referred users bring to us, so if a referral pays $59.99, you will earn $19.79. Once your cash equivalent has reached $25, you will be able to withdraw it through PayPal or Bitcoin. You may also contact us if you seek another withdrawal payment method.

In conclusion, our affiliation system coupled with the Fetch Integration allows you both to unlock free membership by inviting your website visitors or app users, and to earn some cash on the money spent by them.


The official Fetch Integration documentation.






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