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A compelling Excel add-in that demonstrates how you can use the new JavaScript API for Excel 2016. Comes in two flavors - task pane and add-in commands.
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The WoodGrove Bank Expense Trends add-in demonstrates how you can use the new JavaScript API for Microsoft Excel 2016 to create a compelling Excel add-in. With Expense Trends, you can import expense transactions into the workbook, create dashboard and trackers, view and analyze trends, and track special transactions such as charitable donations and follow up items. The sample provides two experiences: one with task pane and another with add-in commands. The following figures show the main screens of this add-in.

WoodGrove Bank Expense Trends Add-in - Ribbon

WoodGrove Bank Expense Trends Add-in - Initial taskpane

WoodGrove Bank Expense Trends Add-in - Transactions sheet

WoodGrove Bank Expense Trends Add-in - Dashboard

WoodGrove Bank Expense Trends Add-in - Donations Tracker

Table of Contents


You'll need the following:

Run the project

  1. Copy the project to a local folder. Ensure that the file path is not too long, otherwise you might run into an error in Visual Studio when it tries to install the NuGet packages necessary for the project.
  2. Then open the WoodGrove Expense Trends.sln in Visual Studio.
  3. Press F5 to build and deploy the sample add-in. Excel launches and depending on the version of Excel 2016 you've, the add-in loads a custom tab called WoodGrove in the ribbon, or opens in a task pane to the right of the worksheet, as shown in the following figures.

![WoodGrove Bank Expense Trends Add-in - Initial taskpane] (images/woodgrove_taskpane_ribbon.PNG)

![WoodGrove Bank Expense Trends Add-in - Initial taskpane] (images/woodgrove_taskpane_import.PNG)

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