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The List Search app lets users search for and share items in a SharePoint list, all from Microsoft Teams.
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List Search App Template

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Collaboration in Microsoft Teams often references information contained within items in a SharePoint list. Simply pasting a link to the item forces everyone to switch context away from the conversation, find the needed information, then return to Teams to continue the conversation. As the conversation continues, people might have to switch back to the reference item multiple times to verify new comments and refresh their memory of what was in the list item. All this context switching creates a barrier to smooth collaboration, and is an opportunity for things to fall through the cracks.

To help alleviate this pain, we're happy to bring you the List Search app template. Millions of users use SharePoint to power some of the core workflows in their organizations. Using the List Search app in Microsoft Teams, users can insert information from SharePoint list items directly within a chat conversation. The data is inserted as an easy-to-read card, helping your users stay engaged in the conversation.

List Search in action

Legal notice

Please read the license terms applicable to this here. In addition to these terms, you agree to the following. You are responsible for complying with all privacy and security regulations, as well as all internal privacy and security policies of your company. You must also include your own privacy statement and terms of use for the app if you choose to deploy or share it broadly. Finally, please note that by configuring this List Search app with any SharePoint list, you are giving the users of this app access to data contained within the SharePoint List that can be searched within the app. Usage of this functionality is entirely your choice. Use and management of any personal data collected is your responsibility. Microsoft will not have any access to this data through this app.

Get started

Begin with the Solution overview to read about what the app does and how it works.

When you're ready to try out List Search, or to use it in your own organization, follow the steps in the Deployment guide.


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